Monday, 1 September 2014

Results Day... Yay or Nay?

Hey guys, so sorry for not posting anything in a while, I know that seeing as it's still the summer holidays I have no excuse but I've been on holiday a couple of times and just wanted to take a small break from the Internet (who am I kidding, they had WiFi at the place where I stayed, I'm just a superb procrastinator), but I'm back now! It's crazy to think that last time I posted it wasn't even August yet and now it's September and I'm due to start college in two days!! Definitely don't feel old enough for this! If anyone is interested I'm thinking of doing a 'First Day Of College Morning Routine' post, just in case there's anyone out there reading this who is also starting college and wants a few details on how my first day went and what I took with me. 
Other details to mention since I've been gone... results day! The dreaded day that all Year 11's across the country awaited with bated breath. The two nights before results day I barely slept because I just couldn't switch off my brain from the fact that all my revision had been wasted and I'd failed everything, but when Thursday 21st August rolled around I could breathe a happy sigh of relief. For anyone who wants to know (not bragging or anything here but just for general interest) I got 2 A*'s, 6 A's and 2 B's, which I cannot even begin to describe how happy I am with! I know some of you out there may not have done as well as you hoped or even better than you hoped, but honestly I think that whilst GCSE's may play a huge part in your life right now, you can still be super successful in life without the best grades, and not everyone is good at written subjects anyway (lets not get into why I disagree with the education system, another time maybe!). 
Now I await college with some excitement, apart from the fact that I have to get the bus by myself on the first day- which sounds so petty, but for someone who is the most awkward person in social situations, this is a huge obstacle- and all my closest friends are going to a different college. I still have some friends at the college I'm going to, but I feel like now is a chance to break out of my comfort zone of sitting at the back of the class by myself rather than having to talk to anyone, by going out of my way to make sure I can talk to new people and hopefully make some new friends! I'm going to try my best and hopefully I can update you with a good first day of college. 

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