Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Current Nail Obsession

I am one of those people who can't have their nails bare, I always have to have them painted in an array of different colours. When I was at school I was constantly getting told off for painting my nails because at our school you weren't allowed to paint them, and so every teacher I had would have a stock of cotton wool balls and nail varnish remover specifically for me, because you could guarantee that if I'd taken it off the day before I would be wearing a fresh coat the next day! This was about as bad ass as I got at high school (I was a bit of a nerd), but my nails always had to be painted. Eventually I just resorted to using a really pale pink shade or even french manicure if I could be bothered in order to not have naked nails, but now that I'm off school I am free to paint them whatever colour and whenever I like! 

I will quite happily try whatever brand of nail varnish I like the look of, whether it's well known or one of those cheap ones because you never know what you might like and what might suit you. However, recently I've been obsessing over Topshop's range of 'Matte Nail Varnishes', which I've been loving so much. I'd never really tried a matte nail varnish before, I tended to stick to the shiny ones or even go over dull ones with a glitter coating to make them stand out even more, but my friend always used to wear a nail varnish from the matte collection in the shade 'Easy Peasy', which is a grey shade, and I loved it so much that I had to go out and buy my own. Unfortunately, this is where my love for them began.

These are four of the matte shades that I thought I would show you, as they are my favourite ones and the ones I wear the most. At the moment I'm wearing the teal shade shown in the picture on my fingernails, which is called 'Loco in Acapulco' (loving the names of these by the way!), and I'm wearing the dark blue in the shade ''Dungaree Dream' on my toenails. Usually I'm a huge perfectionist about wearing the same colour nail varnish on both my fingers and toes, but recently I've been so lazy that I just can't be bothered changing them. Plus I change my fingernail colour so much that it would be crazy to also change my toes that much. I love the way these nail varnishes show up on the nails; when first applied they come out very shiny and much like the way a normal nail varnish would be, but as they dry they darken into a heavier, matte shade which I love. I think these were £6 in the shop or 2 for £9 which you can mix and match with the shiny nail varnishes if matte shades aren't really your thing, but I'm not sure if that offer still stands. 
I think they are a perfect summer nail varnish, sort of an almost pastel colour but very vibrant and bright, so I would definitely recommend you check these out and give them a try!

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