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Favourite TV Shows

Hey guys, so today I thought I would talk about my favourite TV shows, seeing as I have quite a few! Recently I've had a lot of time off because I finished high school about three weeks ago and so haven't had much to do during the day, so I've resorted to curling up in bed with my duvet and my trusty laptop, watching all the TV that has been recommended to me. I always struggle trying to find TV shows when I'm looking for them, so this is just a bit of inspiration for you if you too are looking for a new TV show to start. Enjoy!

1. Game Of Thrones
This is at the top of my list for one reason and one reason only; its the best TV show I think I've ever watched. Before I watched this I'd read a few of the books, just to get the general jist of what was going to happen in the series because sometimes TV can be a bit confusing, especially in Game Of Thrones when there's like five different story lines all happening in one episode. I loved the books and I'm going to try and purchase another one now that I've finished the series because I like to pick out the differences between books compared to TV. You don't even have to be a massive fantasy fan like I am to watch this series because there's definitely something for everyone, whether it be violence, gore, drama, fantastic acting or characters that you get so attached to, its the perfect television series to watch. It does require quite a bit of concentration due to the many story lines and plot twists that George R.R. Martin so cleverly created, but trust me, it is so worth it. 
Warning: This series is rated an 18 due to the intensity of gore and (dare I say it) sexual scenes included in it, so if that isn't your thing then this probably isn't the series for you. 

2. American Horror Story
Here's the series where you all sigh at me for being so generic, because everyone seems to be 'addicted' to this series recently, but I watched this about 9 months ago when it was still relatively unheard of. I am a big horror movie fan and although I jump at pretty much anything, I love the thrill and suspense that comes with watching these types of film. The opening sequences of the episodes are so much scarier than the actual story lines so don't be fooled, although its still pretty weird its not as bad as the opening sequence suggests. This show has three series' at the moment and is going to release a fourth in October/November time (eeeeeeep!) and uses different horror scenarios (so far we've had a haunted house, a mental asylum and a witches coven) with the same actors, just different characters, to try and scare the poop out of us. My favourite series so far would probably be Asylum, just because I am so in love with Evan Peter's character in this series, and the whole mental asylum scenario really interests me. However, I totally love Taissa Farmiga's style in Coven (she plays a witch called Zoe), so if you're like me who loves any item of black clothing, check her out!

3. The Walking Dead
This series was recommended to me by my boyfriend, who is obsessed with zombies. Whilst at first I was a bit put off by the whole zombie thing, because although I love a good horror I always thought zombies were a bit too far fetched (sorry zombie lovers), this series totally changed my viewpoint on them. Yes, the zombies in TWD are still flesh-eating killers who stereotypically drag their feet when they walk and make weird groaning noises constantly, but the characters who are attempting to survive in the new-found world are really in-depth and interesting, and have a way of keeping you attached to their story throughout the episodes. I was shamelessly addicted to this series and even shed a few tears when one of my favourite characters died (I won't name any names); you know its a good TV series when it makes you cry. 

4. Skins 
Here's where I let loose my inner teenage girl. I first started watching Skins about a year ago, so I was pretty late to jump on the bandwagon, but it was so easy to become addicted to. Every other series has a different group of characters who all suffer with different problems in their life, whether it be illnesses or drug abuse. Their controversial storylines are one of the main reasons why this series has been so popular over the years, that and because many teens can relate to the different issues that are explored. My favourite cast had to be the cast of Series 1 and 2, I'd say the cast probably got worse each time they got a new one but that's just a matter of opinion. Skins has finished now for good so you don't have to worry about not being able to catch up in time for a new series, because there hasn't been a new one for about a year. Whilst some may think its a bit extreme and that it presents teens unrealistically, the way I viewed it was that, yes it can be a bit unrealistic, but it was still pretty believable and had to be made as interesting as possible so more people would want to watch it. 

5. Orange Is The New Black
I think I surprised myself by how much I liked this show, as it isn't really the kind of thing I would usually go for. There's been a lot of talk about this series recently so I thought I'd see what all the fuss is about, not expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised by it. I like the use of humour in it, as it is a prison drama and so you expect it to be serious, and although there are some serious parts (what would a drama be without some serious scenes) the humour is very witty in parts and does make you laugh out loud at some part. I also liked the way it explored different types of sexuality and how others treat people who are different; it was very eye-opening and provided some unique storylines within the prison. I'm a sucker for a title with a great pun, and lets be honest, for a drama about women in prison I don't think they could've picked a better title.

6. Dexter
Everyone's favourite serial killer. I just loved this show purely because of its uniqueness, I mean who doesn't love a secret serial killer who works as a blood spatter analyst to satisfy his craving for blood? The way Dexter views 'socially acceptable' people compared to himself is very funny and witty in some places, and I like a TV series that can incorporate humour into it as well as being a cleverly written drama also. It uses suspense and action which kept me hooked on it throughout, and although I haven't finished all eight series' yet it makes me very happy that there are so many because I always have something to watch. I think this series is one for concentrating on, as are many dramas, so I wouldn't advise watching it if you just want to watch something in the background. 

7. Downton Abbey
Did I mention I have a very varied taste in TV shows? I know I said I liked dramas, but period dramas are probably my guilty pleasure, and I will probably love anything with Maggie Smith in it (Harry Potter fangirl starts to creep in). It was my gran who introduced me to Downton Abbey after lending me the box set and I'm not ashamed to say that I loved it from the first episode. Okay, yes I get it that a lot of old people watch it and that's why teenagers get put off, but if you actually give it a chance it becomes so interesting, and more than just some rich people sitting round drinking tea, like I'll admit I thought it was at first. It's one of those dramas where you get so attached to the characters and get so mad with the ones you don't like, and the acting by a mostly British cast is just amazing, if I could be in any TV show I think I'd probably have to pick this one due to the variety in storylines and the contrasts in characters and the issues they are faced with. Definitely a guilty pleasure of mine!

8. Merlin
It'd be wrong of me to not include a childhood favourite. Ever since I first watched this on CBBC back in the day I grew so attached to it (and also because I had the biggest crush on Merlin when I was younger, wait who am I kidding, I still do) and this developed my love for fantasy adventure shows. I've always been a huge fan of history, if you watch my YouTube Channel in my 25 Facts About Me video I talk about history being one of my favourite subjects, and the Athurian legends that Merlin is based on just interested me so much, even at a young age. I feel as if I grew up watching this show, and last year when it finished for good I was so devastated, a year later and I feel like I'm still having withdrawal issues from it, but thankfully I have all the box sets! I think this one is definitely one you can watch with your whole family, as it appeals to anyone of all ages due to its friendly humour and genuine enjoyment factor.

9. Penny Dreadful
This is a relatively new series that got recommended to me by a friend. It combines two of my favourite things, horror and period dramas, and is based on the 'penny dreadfuls', a type of 19th century horror fiction, such as Frankenstein and Dracula, among others. So far there have been eight episodes and I've been really enjoying them, I like how they show a different sort of take on the legends and have a way of making them more eerie and mysterious. At first I was a little unsure on the series purely because at first it was a bit confusing and I couldn't make sense of what was going on, but maybe that won't be the case for everyone, so if you do watch it and end up feeling a bit like that don't give up straight away because trust me it does get better. 

10. Pretty Little Liars
This was one of the first TV series' I ever properly got into. The one thing that keeps me hooked on this show is the suspense and mystery that is so cleverly portrayed in so many ways, as the characters have a way of keeping you in suspense throughout the episodes. The show focuses around four girls and how they deal with the death of their 'queen bee' of the group, whilst being tormented by an unknown force only named as 'A'. It'll be a very happy day when we finally find out who 'A' is, because just when you think you know who it could be, the story line changes and you're back to the beginning again, which is what I love about this show. I'd say that it probably appeals to females more due to the storylines focusing on female issues, but I'm not saying that boys can't watch it too! I love this series and I can't wait for the next episodes to come out, I think there's a new one tonight which should be very exciting!

So guys, that's it for my favourite shows, although I'm due to be starting Breaking Bad and a couple of others soon, so I'll let you know how they go. If you have any recommendations for me or anything you've watched that you've enjoyed, let me know!

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