Monday, 30 June 2014

Friendship And Sandwiches

In friendship groups there are always different types of friends within the friendship group, e.g. the loud one, the arty one, the one with the funny laugh or the one who can never seem to stop talking (hint, if you can't think of this friend in your group, then it's probably you!), but there's always that one friend who, no matter how little you see them, you know will always be there for you. I noticed this only today when I had a quick trip to town with my friend Darcy- insert cringey year old picture of us here, I'm the one on the right-

and even though I haven't been seeing her as much now that we aren't at school together, I noticed today how she is always listening to me when I'm blabbering on about something, and I mean really listening, not just pretending like a lot of people do. It made me feel a bit bad, because recently I haven't always been there for her, and it made me appreciate her a lot more. She's really the only person in my life that I can talk to about anything and not get judged for saying it, and even though we've been friends for 12 years now and she was probably always there for me to talk to, when I was younger and going through a rough patch in my life I never really took notice of her being there for me, which I really should've done. If you feel like you're having a rough day, don't be blind to that one person who will listen to how you're feeling, no matter who they are because trust me, it helps so much to let your emotions out instead of letting them clog up inside you, and the person you're talking to will be able to give you some advice on how to deal with the situation.
When I was younger and in a much worse state than I'm in now, in terms of friends and my self esteem, Darcy was really the only real friend that I had. We were both the quiet ones of the group and we could never stick up for ourselves, which lead to both of us getting quite upset and needing each other for support. Now, a few years later, I definitely still look to her for support, even if I may take her for granted sometimes. She truly is a diamond in the ruff to me, and I'll always be thankful for everything. 
Having days out with people who mean a lot to you really makes you appreciate things more. One thing I really did appreciate today was the Subway sandwich I bought, because food is always appreciated so much more when devoured on an empty stomach.

Mmmm, this was one tasty sandwich (as you can probably tell by the bite I took out of it). Is it just me who has to order the same sandwich every time they go to Subway? I like to live my life by a routine, and as soon as I find a combination or an order at a shop that I enjoy, then I will never try to find anything different to eat. Why try something else when what you've got is what you like?
 For any of you that are interested, at Subway I order a 6-inch Hearty Italian ham and cheese toasted, with lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes, no sauce, usually with a coke and a packet of Tangy Cheese Doritos. Sometimes I feel like I'm hungry enough to manage a full foot long, but then I chicken out due to the fact that there is always an attractive male at the counter, who I'm sure will judge me if I order a huge sandwich. I'm not very good with change, so changing my Subway choice would probably not be a good idea, although maybe a possibility if I get braver in the future.

Looking back on my early high school life, it seems crazy that I survived those years the way that I did, because things are so different now and I couldn't be more happy about the changes I've made to my life. If you guys want me to talk more about my past experiences with growing up in a friendship group that was definitely no picnic, then please ask! I'm always up for talking about my personal problems and how I dealt with them, I just don't want to be talking about them if no one really wants to know!

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